Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Investiture

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Investiture is a formal act of Christian chivalic nature signifying admission in the order as a member. Investiture Services are conducted by the Grand Master or by a member of the Sovereign Council. appointed in writing by the Grand Master for that purpose. No member under the rank of Prior may conduct an inveatiture.

This special time is held on a weekend, which commences with a reception on Friday  evening hosted by one of member of the order. Saturday morning following, an Aspirants' Breakfast is hosted along with the investiture Service at St John's Anglican Church.

The service is a beautiful and moving formal service based on the traditional Christian ceremony dating back to the very beginnings of our Order during which new member receive their white enamel Cross of Amalfi and the red robe of the Order bearing a white Cross of Amalfi over the heart.